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Auto Stadt Motor Services12 QUICK CAR CHECKS

Auto Stadt  Auto Garage 12 quick car checks that help prevent a breakdown. There are two ways to reduce your chances of breaking down.

The first, and most important, is to stick to your Auto Stadt  Auto Garage advice on servicing. Your handbook will tell you when a service is due – just make sure you book your car into the Top Fix Garage promptly.

The second is to do your own simple car maintenance checks. Here’s our top 12:

Your car all lights should be turn off when you park the car. If lights will be turn on your car battery will be dead and your car not started next day.

Every two weeks, check your tyre pressures and the condition of your tyres (including the spare). Look out for cuts or wear and make sure your tread is within legal limits.

If your car has a spare wheel, then at the very least you need to carry a jack and wheel removing tools (plus a locking wheel nut key if appropriate).

Use your dipstick to check oil levels every couple of weeks, and before any long journey, and top up if needed.

Every week, while your engine’s cold, check your coolant level is between the MIN and MAX marks.

Seasonal tip: before the cold weather sets in, get your anti-freeze checked and topped up, if required

Replace your windscreen wipers once a year to prevent smearing.


By law, your windshield screen wash system must work. Keep it regularly topped up with a good screen wash additive – one that prevents it from freezing, and clears oily grime.



Keep an eye out for stone damage and, if you spot any chips, get them repaired as soon as possible (they can grow and crack if left alone).If the damage can’t be repaired, or it’s in a place where it could distract you, your windscreen may need to be replaced.



Check all your lights – including indicators, reversing lights, brake lights and fog lights – once a week. Look out for blown bulbs and cracks or dirt on the lenses.


Make sure your garage fills your hydraulic fluid reservoir when they service your car. Then all you have to do, once a month, is check its levels; if necessary, you can top up with a recommended fluid.


Check your brake fluid once in a month. You need to make sure the brake fluid is good and that it is at the appropriate level, top up if required.



Check your Engine Belt once in a month to avoid Breakdown.